Big Machines

Big Machines

The ever popular Big Machines series is a fun and educational overview of pretty much all the big machines you’ve ever seen. From road construction equipment to fire trucks to airplane moving vehicles, this series of two dvds covers the entire spectrum of big machines.

Big Machines Volume 1

Big Machines Volume 1Levine Big Machines Volume 1 is really three videos in one. The first part is Road Construction and all the details behind the vehicles involved with road construction. Next comes house construction and getting your hard hat on while learning about harvesting timber, rock blasting and pouring foundations. Lastly we watch Farm country and learn the behind the scenes of peanut butter, milk and more. (Total 100 minutes)
Big Machines Vol 1

Big Machines Volume 2

Big Machines volume 2 DVDLevine Big Machines Volume 2 is now covering Fire & Rescue, Jet Travel & Airports and Where the Garbage Goes. The great thing about the Big Machines DVD Series is the detail and variety in each dvd. Go behind the scenes and experience what its like to be a firefighter. Then hit the runways and control tower of the airport followed by jumping into the drivers seat of a hauler, grinder and other garbage handlers. (Total 100 minutes)
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