Construction Trucks

Construction Truck DVDs

The work on a construction site never seems to stop and the construction trucks and big construction machines used to build homes, buildings and arenas are plenty. Below are some of our favorite construction truck dvds featuring award-winning titles that not only educate but also entertain children young and old. From the big and loud to the everyday dozers, if you’ve seen it at a construction site, we’ve got the dvd for you.

I Dig Dirt

I Dig Dirt DVDI Dig Dirt is one of those fun truck dvds that makes kids enjoy learning about big machines. The dvd is a learning hour with 3 children as your guide around big dirt movers. You’ll learn about some of the biggest dirt movers in the world and get up close and personal with the machines, operators and work sites.

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All About Construction

All About Construction DVDAll About Construction, Building & Lumberjacks is a fun 3 in 1 dvd combo from the folks at All About. This dvd comes with a bonus toy truck and 120 minutes of truck fun. From the construction zone to building a house to lumberjacking, All About Construction has it all. Join Hard Hat Harry on his adventures around these big trucks.

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I Love Big Machines

I love Big Machines dvdI Love Big Machines is by far one of our favorite and most popular dvds. The single dvd includes two parts and is over 60 minutes long. This is one of the best dvds at combining live action everything with creative songs, fun and detail. You’ll walk away knowing about bulldozers, excavators, cranes, graders, steam tractors and more big machines.

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Scoop and Doozie

Scoop and Doozie DVDThe Award-Winning adventures of Scoop, Doozie and their trucking friends is an engaging set of stories about a big digger and her bull-dozer friend. This Scoop and Doozie dvd includes four adventures that are not only fun for children but teach principles of cleaning up, sharing, taking turns and being friends.
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Under Construction DVD

Under Construction DVDProduced and directed by a former Oprah producer, Under Construction brings a “real life” construction site to your tv screen. Join Charlie the friendly construction worker as he guides your children thru the sounds, spellings and machinery at a construction site. From front loaders to Excavators, Under Construction DVD has it covered.
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Road Construction Ahead DVD

Road Construction Ahead DVDFrom the award winning Fred Levine, comes an up-close and personal experience with road construction equipment. Our favorite thing about this dvd is that at the end of it, your child will know how roads are built and recognize all the machines on the side of the road.
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