Top Truck DVDs

Top Truck DVDs for Kids

Our Top 5 Truck dvds for kids list was not a scientific test. It was a calculated list based on watching 2 girls and 2 boys watch all of our dvds (not at one time) and seeing which ones kept their attention, are still remembered and were the most bang for the buck. We also keep an eye on which titles are most popular with our customers. With that background, here are our Top 5 Truck DVDs:

I Dig Dirt

I Dig Dirt DVDI Dig Dirt is one of those fun truck dvds that makes kids enjoy learning about big machines. The dvd is a learning hour with 3 children as your guide around big dirt movers. You’ll learn about some of the biggest dirt movers in the world and get up close and personal with the machines, operators and work sites.
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Twenty Trucks

Twenty Trucks DVDTwenty Trucks has a title that tells it all. Perhaps not the most creative but definitly on our Top 5 list. Twenty Trucks covers over 20 different big machines from Big Foot to Snow Plows to Cement Trucks, it’s a truck lovers dream packed into 45 minutes. Great songs, great detail and a ton of trucks for the money.
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