Scoop and Doozie

Scoop and Doozie DVD

The Award-Winning adventures of Scoop, Doozie and their trucking friends is an engaging set of stories about a big digger and her bull-dozer friend. This Scoop and Doozie dvd includes four adventures that are not only fun for children but teach principles of cleaning up, sharing, taking turns and being friends. This is a magic puppet show with Tree TV and much, much more. Approximate Run Time: 60 minutes.

Scoop and Doozie First Adventures is a multi-award winning dvd series featuring two lovable earthmovers and their friends in a backyard setting.  Adventures include The Clean Machine, Hide & Seek, My Way Or The Highway and Pretty Strong.  Scoop the steam-shovel and Doozie the bright red bulldozer share jokes, sing songs and help to teach their backyard machine friends about helping, cleaning and being good.  Winner of Gemini Awards, Chris Bronze Plaque and loved by children all over.  Can you dig it?

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