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We are all grateful for firefighters and the work they do.  Children love to see fire trucks in action too and the size, sound and power that comes from a fire truck is worth learning about.  Most of the fire truck dvds we offere here are a combination of emergency response vehicles with extra emphasis on fire trucks and the firemen that run them.  From the firehouse to the fire truck and everything in between, you’ll learn and enjoy all there is to know about fire trucks.  Every order includes free shipping.

All About Fire Engines

All About Fire Engines DVDAll About Fire Engines, the triple feature, is like getting 3 dvds in one. With nearly 90 minutes of video, this fun-filled adventure starts with Big Red Fire Engines. You’ll watch in awe as they use a tower ladder and bucket to battle a blaze. Also featuring The Police and Search & Rescue.

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Fire Monsters

Fire Monsters DVDFire Monsters is the Fire Engine focused Monster dvd series. With a runtime of 40 minutes, Fire Monsters showcases everything you could ever imagine about Fire Engines, Fire Trucks, Ladder Trucks, Pumpers and everything in between. You’ll even learn how they open a fire hydrant.

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Big Machines Volume 2

Big Machines Volume 2 on DVDThe Big Machines Volume 2 series features 3 episodes on one dvd and is about 100 minutes in length. First you’ll learn about Fire & Rescue followed by Jed Travel & Where Garbage goes. With such a well-rounded series, this is a great addition for any Fire Truck fan.

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